Compare And Contrast Mali And Ghana

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Mali and Ghana Essay
Ghana and Mali were one of Africa’s greatest ancient civilizations. The Ghana kingdom was founded around the year 750, and developed between the Senegal and Niger River, while the Mali kingdom came about in 1240 after taking over Ghana. Rich in trade and supplies, their empires flourished under their rulers. The Ghana and Mali empire had a series of key similarities and differences throughout their years as a civilization, such as education, their culture, and their resource for trade.
In the Mali Empire, education was a significant part of their culture. It started with Mansa Musa, the leader of the Mali empire who focused on spreading Islamic religion throughout Mali after his trip to Mecca. Whilst spreading Islam, Timbuktu …show more content…

The Ghana were able to control the route and tax people as they passed, allowing them to build up a revenue. The Ghana were often referred to as the “Land of Gold” since being extremely wealthy. The exchange of gold nuggets for protection allowed the trade of gold dust to arise since the gold nuggets themselves would be in the kingdom with the king. The Mali Empire had gold and salt mines within their empire as well, allowing them to trade with other civilizations. Gold in the empire was seen as a trade item and a source of currency, and much like the Ghana only gold dust was used in trade as the nuggets themselves would be placed in the kingdom. As for salt, it was seen as a major resource for its nutritional and preservation qualities. It was a vital resource that these Mali people used. The Niger river allowed the Mali empire to trade easily, as the current would calmly drift them into other civilizations. Both empires also utilized camels as the river was not always accessible. All in all these trade routes allowed these civilizations to expand their wealth, and distance of trade. Ghana and Mali were different yet similar in a multitude of ways. The culture and education of the Ghana and Mali empire seem to have been of great diversity. However, the source of trade that they have prove them to be similar. The Mali and Ghana both used gold dust in trade, and both utilized rivers to their trade advantage. Overall, both Ghana and Mali civilizations were thriving at one point in time in which trade allowed them to expand and broaden their

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