Compare And Contrast Persephone And Gluskabe

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Have you ever read about the adventures of Gluskabe or how seasons came to be? If you have, they are very similar to each other. Demeter & Persephone are the goddesses of crops and seasons. Persephone is married to Hades, the god of the underworld, while Demeter is Persephone’s mother. Gluskabe is a very clever and sneaky person. He lives with his grandmother, Woodchuck, who tells him about places that he goes to adventure. What I think is that Gluskabe and Old Man Winter are similar to Demeter & Persephone because they both relate to seasons. Demeter and Persephone have been living together for a long time. Then, Persephone got a love interest with Hades. She went to the underworld and stayed there. Demeter was so worried she started to cry. …show more content…

He rejected the option. He said that he couldn’t because she ate 6 pomegranate seeds. So Zeus made a deal with Hades. If Persephone married him, she would have 6 months with Hades and 6 months with Demeter. He agreed. Persephone married Hades and spent 6 months with Hades and 6 months with Demeter. When she was with Demeter, It was Spring and Summer. When she was with Hades, it was Fall and Winter. This means Demeter would always bring the crops back during Spring and Summer, but Persephone went away, she cried which made the crops die in Fall and Winter. This shows that this Greek myth is similar to the Native-American myth because of the seasons being changed. The theme of this myth is that things have to come and go. Gluskabe and Old Man Winter is about a person named Gluskabe who tries to help the human beings stay alive, but Old Man Winter is making winter stay. Gluskabe goes and says he needs to go. He does not and Gluskabe has to find another way to get Old Man Winter to leave. His grandmother tells him about summerland, a place that might help him make Old Man Winter leave. He goes there and takes a summerstick to make Old man Winter leave. He goes back, but this time he makes sure he leaves. The summerstick

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