Compare And Contrast The Devil And Tom Walker And The Devil And Daniel Webster

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The stories “The Devil and Tom Walker” and “The Devil and Daniel Webster” both have a resounding theme of how the seemingly easy ways in life are not always the most beneficial in the long run, especially in regards to wealth. Although these stories have much in common, there are noticeable differences that make each of them unique. The resolution of the stories, the depiction of the Devil, and the role of saving grace are some of the aspects that differentiate these two stories. The resolutions in both of these Faust Legends have some differences and similarities. In the conclusion of “The Devil and Tom Walker,” Tom’s time runs out, and the Devil takes him. The text also states, “On searching his coffers, all his bonds and mortgages were reduced to cinders. In place of gold and silver, his iron chest was filled with chips and shavings; two skeletons lay in his stable instead of his half-starved horses, and the very next day his great house took fire and was burned to the ground.” In contrast, “The Devil and Daniel Webster” results in Jabez Stone escaping the Devil’s grasp and keeping his soul. Daniel Webster says to the Devil, "For you 'll sit right down at that table and draw up a document, promising never to bother Jabez Stone nor his heirs or assigns nor any other New Hampshire man till doomsday!” Daniel Webster wins in the trial against the Devil, and as a result, the Devil must comply with his commands. Despite these differences, both stories depict the main

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