Comparing Frankenstein And The Monster

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KaylaAnne Meshach
Jason Wohlstadter
English 101
24 March 2015
Response Paper Three Summary: After Justine is executed, Victor feels very guilty and depressed. He thinks about killing himself but then recants after thinking of his father and Elizabeth. Alphonse takes his kids to their family home in Belrive hoping to cheer Victor up. When they get there Victor travel down to the Chamounix valley. Like before with Henry, the beauty of nature gives him happiness, however small. Victor wakes up during a rainy day and realizes his horrible feelings are starting to come back. He then makes the decision to wander to the Montanvert summit, where he hopes to find things of purity and beauty to make him happy once again. Victor reaches the top of the glacier and pauses shortly, comforted by the inspiring sight. When he goes …show more content…

Once it gets closer, Victor realizes that it is his monster. He threatens to attack the monster even though the monster’s speed and strength can easily take Victor down. He tells the monster to go away and curses him, but the monster convinces Victor to follow him into a cave. Once in the cave the monster tells Victor of his life. When in the cave, Victor and the monster sit by a fire. The monster begins to tell Victor of the bewilderment he endured during his life since he was made. The monster illustrates his journey from where Victor lives into the wild and his continuing adjustments to the outside world he had recently been brought into. The monster tells of all the discoveries he made: dark, hunger, light, cold, and thirst. He finds fire one day and realizes that burning wood makes it. When the monster was trying to find food, he came across humans and these encounters made him stay away from humans for good. The

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