Comparing Slaughterhouse-Five And The Things They Carried

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The tragic reality of the world we live in is one that can often be unbearable to face. The fact of the matter is misfortune surrounds us and shines through the face of evil. War especially, is a time when sorrow is greatest, and true evil identities show through. The emotions that are felt during war are often confusing and absurd, just like the reasons why bad things happen. According to novels Slaughterhouse Five, Catch-22, and The Things They Carried, bad things happen in this world for no apparent reason, and the corrupt nature of the world is meant to be confusing. The nonlinear structure of these novels, depicts a very apparent sense of suffering, isolation and deceit, and the struggle for bravery at the hands of such an absurd world. Pain at the hands of war is inevitable, and suffering is the unfortunate price to pay. The narrative pattern, or lack thereof, demonstrates this suffering however in an unusual light, claiming that suffering is necessary to allow individuals to come to self-realization about their thoughts on the world they live in. The nonlinear structure of the novels is a way of expressing these ideas. Various types of suffering take a prominent place in the lives of protagonists in Slaughterhouse Five, Catch-22, and The Things They Carried. Among …show more content…

Last man? Last shell? Last foot of ground? Last rebellion?”. (Heller 307). Ultimately, Yossarian is just doing what he is told of him, but he contemplates what exactly is being asked of him, and what it all is supposed to mean. The curious nature of Yossarian winds him up in a place of insanity and pressing self turmoil that he cannot seem to escape. Through this demonstration of clear mental suffering, the pain and confusion felt by the character in the novel can be felt by the reader, the entire purpose of the nonlinear structure of the

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