Comparing Women In Beowulf And Raffel's

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Women are an essential part of many British works. Although women are typically given the role of minor and less significant characters in British literature, they serve a greater purpose than that of which is initially perceived by the reader. Grendel’s mother in Burton Raffel’s, Beowulf, and the female creature in Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s, Frankenstein, are two noteworthy characters that are overlooked, but the roles they play and their influence are important to the storyline. Although she is monstrous and is described as having masculine features and actions, Grendel’s mother is a peaceful and loving being at the core. In Beowulf’s original battle with Grendel, he insisted that he use no weapons or armor to defeat the enemy. However, one can see a sense of fear upon Beowulf’s shoulders when he cracked down and used armor and …show more content…

This is because neither one of them is given the opportunity to prove themselves otherwise simply due to the circumstances they are in. The original creature that Victor creates demands that he create a female counterpart in his image that can accompany him. If Victor is to refuse, the creature threatens to kill the remainder of the people that Victor loves dearly. Victor depressingly accepts the creature’s proposal and begins his toils of constructing a female creature. However, he immediately has doubts and destroys the creature. Although she never appeared as an active character, she showed insight into Victor’s thought process and perception about women and the roles they play. Although the women in Beowulf and Frankenstein do not appear as central characters, their roles are significant to the plot. The roles of these women, whether viewed in a positive or negative light, bring together the plot and the influence that they posses. These female characters There is a message that these women bring beyond the surface of their

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