Comparison Of Badgers And Coyotes Interactions

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In 1964, Paul Erlich and Peter Raven Co-founded the idea of co.evolution. As species evolved over time some become really good at one trait that another animal doesn’t have while other mastered the survivor. Some animal heavily relies on the trait passed from their ancestors to the =m in order for them to survive. However, their animal that rely on different species. In ecology, the term cheater refers to an organism that obtains a benefit at the cost of another organism. Natural selection does favor cheaters because a cheater (an organism) may cooperate with another organism but it all to expands of its survive. A cheater can either be associated with mutualism, where both animal benefit or commensalism/altruistic where only one animal befits. In this assignment, I choose to write about Badgers and Coyotes …show more content…

In my opinion coyote are one of the best hunters. Both eat parry dog and ground square. The coyote is an excellent hunter with its speed and the stronger sense of small it could locate its food, however, ground square a have an excellent neither hood system, the coyote couldn’t dig as well as badgers. Badgers also eat the ground square are slower but it could dig faster than a human. Because if the coyote’s sense of smell it could locate then the badgers dig it up and if the grounds square and prairie dogs tried to escape the coyote could out run

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