Complete Maus And Night By Elie Wiesel

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In both Complete Maus and Night, there is a clear depiction that times of war unleash chaos on those involved, however, they are able to bring family members closer to one another in search of hope and safety. Throughout both novels, Vladek and Elie show clear acts of perseverance to help their family members in just Auschwitz alone. The acts that took place in Auschwitz are the worst possible things Humans can do to each other; mass-murder. However, during this time Vladek attempts to aid the love of his life, Anja, while Elie makes caring for his father his number 1 priority. It is evident that their actions determine the outcomes of the lives of their family members as well. First, throughout Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman it is extremely evident that Vladek’s constant caring and desire to aid for Anja provides both of them a feeling of safety and boosts their spirits despite being separated in Auschwitz and Birkenau. The ability to just communicate with each other gives them immense hope that everything will be alright in the near future, even though they are in a Nazi Death Camp where the future …show more content…

However, Elie’s father begins to grow weaker and weaker as time passes, which leads Elie to take the role of his father and provide a sense of hope and safety for his dad. When the book starts, Elie is only a 15 year old child, but as his path through Auschwitz and Buna passes, he develops into a man who is able to comprehend the real world and tackle problems. This is evident towards the end of the book, in section 8, when Elie is faced with the decision to provide eat or give food to his frail father. On Page 107, Elie has just found his father has not ate in about a day, has gotten beat, and is sick. The quote reads “When they allowed us to return to the blocks, I rushed toward my

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