Compromise Of 1877 Dbq Essay

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The Revolution of the Compromise of 1877 The election of 1877 between Rutherford Hayes and Samuel Tilden led to both political parties to have the Compromise of 1877 and finish the end of reconstruction. In that year election both Democrat and Republican where fighting over the territories and who will become president. That fighting led the election results in an inconclusive results because of the disagreement between Democrats and Republicans. The states were undecided and this led to tension and issues among the election candidates. After a long fight both parties came with an agreement which led to the compromise of 1877, which caused the north to retreat all of the military occupancy in the south leading to the end of the reconstruction era and the south being more independent. The Compromise of 1877 was consider as a serious fraud on the election of that year. Most people felt betray due to the fact that the candidate that they vote for did not got elected. This election between the …show more content…

The compromise of 1877 led to the republicans receding from the south as well as a southern democrat being appointed to the republican president’s cabinet. Apart from this there also led to more railroad development to the south which would in turn lead to more industrialization in the south. The compromise helped the south and north work better together and work to be in agreement in order to avoid further tension and disagreements that would further divide the nation. The reconstruction era was an era in which more people began to have a voice and have more freedom but this was not okay with some people because they believed that things did not need to change and they should stay the same way they had been. With a new control in power this would lead to a change in the freedoms people have. Apart from the change for people this also led to a change in how things would

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