Confederate Flag Debate Essay

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The confederate flag debate has been going on for a very long time, and the same types of arguments for what the flag stands for have not really changed since the debate started. The flag itself from what I have understood has many different meanings that can be changed depending on the side that you land on. My other belief is that since the flag can have different meanings at not only different times but also by different people, are that since the flag was a symbol that represented confederacy, their mindsets or beliefs end up contributing to the overall consequence of what the flag stands for. The flag nowadays has this underlying tone because of the motions that the confederacy was trying to get approved. Personally, I can view the meaning of the flag itself as a part of many peoples history, but whether the meaning is good or bad all depends on the view you take. Some people state that the flag itself does not mean anything because of the fact that there were, at the time many different variations of the confederate flag. From what I believe it to be is that if a specific group of people were to take the confederate flag and base their actions off of the flag than the flag therefore becomes an extension of their beliefs. This is not what the flag originally …show more content…

Even if certain people believe there is no connection between the flag and slavery their will always be some undertone of it because of the beliefs that follow the flag no matter where it goes. Since slavery has being tied to the flag for so long, the flag can be construed as a symbol that is pro-slavery which in most cases people are against it. In the end the symbols that are tied to the confederate flag may not have been the main objective, but it is the formality of something taking on the meaning or beliefs of those who follow the

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