Corene Rathgeber The Effects Of Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking has been an ongoing issue for such a long time. It is so unfortunate that girls that are not even fully matured are abducted and forced into prostitution and sexual slavery. Trafficking of women and children have been highly publicized by the media and have attracted a lot of attention in the general public. Article written by Corene Rathgeber titled “The Victimization of Women through Human Trafficking – An aftermath of War?” talks about the women and children that are victims of human trafficking. Although this is a global problem and happens all around the world, this article mainly talks Bosnia and Herzegovina; a country in south Eastern Europe. The break up caused by the war of Former Yugoslavia left many people displaced. It was after the war many young women and children were trafficked and enslaved in sex industry especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Trafficking of human being occurs when an individual is kidnapped, sold or recruited by the means of threat, abduction or other uses of force. The article uses a lot of informative sources to enlighten this issue. According to United Nation reports, criminal groups make more than seven billion dollars in profits trafficking. Over 500,000 women are trafficked in Europe. Rathgeber focused on viewing the issue of human trafficking from a victim’s …show more content…

One of the reasons human trafficking is so easy is because corruption is found in all aspects of society. Although the article does not mention who is running this crime business, it does inform that is because of the powerless government the crime groups are making billions of dollars by smuggling and trafficking humans. The criminals take advantage of the open borders with little to no government supervision and move freely transporting women, drugs and other illegal goods. One of the destinations of most trafficked women is Western Europe and United

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