Courage To Be An Upstander

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Having the courage to stand up to a higher figure for something that isn’t right is a difficult task to accomplish; there is the fear of what will happen if someone argues against a more powerful group, or just the fear of being judged or punished. Sister Rose was fearless and determined to make the Jews feel more respected by all Catholics. She saw that what was being taught about Jewish people in the church was wrong, and she strived to make a difference. Sister Rose inspired me to be an Upstander because of how fearless she was when standing in front of the many powerful Catholic church members, telling them how their beliefs of Jewish people were unfair; she also loved the Jews, even though she was a devoted Catholic; I want to be as brave as Sister Rose, and stand up for people who are being treated unfairly.
Sister Rose wanted to help the Jews even though her religion taught her not to like them. She dedicated her life and work to create a better relationship with the Jews and Catholics. Instead of ignoring what was wrong, Sister Rose took a stand, and fought for the Jews. She started research on …show more content…

Furthermore, I admire the lifelong commitment that Sister Rose make working to better the Jewish and Catholic relationship; resulting in a impactful change that completely changed the course of Jewish and Catholic relations. Not everyone can make such a stand, and not get knocked down by others who disagree. After reading this essay, I’m much more likely to stand up for someone in my school who was getting bullied. I’m more confident that I would tell the person criticizing them that they are treating the person unfairly, and also question why the bully was trying to hurt this person, like how Sister Rose questioned the anti-semitic views and teachings of the Catholic

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