Darkness In Sonny's Blues

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Light Through Darkness Imagine walking down a dark alley, creeping through the shadows. It is cold and lonely, but then you begin approaching a street light. The warmth is inviting, and it beckons you to escape the darkness. The darkness is the harsh events of this world, and we, as people are searching for the light: the light that is only possible because of the dark. James Baldwin tells the story “Sonny’s Blues” about two brothers fighting to find light in their dark world. They go through their lives walking down a tunnel full of black dejection. The narrator, the older brother, lives a minuscule, monotonous life in the shadows, while his younger brother, Sonny, is desperately searching for the daylight using his music and drugs. In the end, the narrator accepts the light of the candle Sonny managed to ignite while enduring the harsh winds blowing around him. Sonny helps show his brother that in order to truly appreciate the light, there must be a time of darkness. This darkness of suffering and oppression had imprisoned the narrator, and he did everything he could do to escape the implied rules of his culture. He finished his education and even persevered through college, all without doing drugs. After achieving his degree, he became a math teacher, which according to Richard Albert is a “respectable profession.” He tried not to stand out as a typical black man of his day but hid from the judgmental eyes of his peers (182). Anonymous to the world, just as James Baldwin
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