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Before the arrival of the Europeans, African accomplished many achievements across all of their cities, empires and, kingdoms that defined their nation. Their achievements can be split into three groups, economics, politics, and culture. Before the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the African people developed great kingdoms in which they established a great way of life for themselves. The African empires, kingdoms and cities had a vast amount of achievements before the arrival of the Europeans, they had a great economy due to their plentiful trading, as well as a vivid culture lead by the generosity of their government. Africa 's thriving economy was mostly due to the consistent trading across the world. As shown in Document 1, the trade …show more content…

From how the people act, to the sculptures or the traditions they have. Art was and still is large part of the African culture. The African people used the lost-wax process, this is method of making a bronze sculpture. The process is explained in Document 7, “This account will show how the figures are made. This work is one to cause wonder. Now this kind of work is done with clay, and wax, and red metal, and solder and lead, and fire…. Next it is set aside to cool, then is broken off. Then you see a beautiful figure…” Books are another precise piece of work in the African culture , they were very expensive and rare. To make books in the first century, you had to individual press on each letter or word. This took time and precision, making books very rare. Africa owned this rare commodity as shown in Document 5, “Various manuscripts and written books are brought here … and sold for more money than other merchandise.” These books resulted in various learned men, that represented a strong culture. This culture is what made the continent so successful before the arrival of the Europeans. Having many achievements in economics, politics and culture the African was a very successful country. They had a stable economy, that consistently flowed with valuables. As well as a strong government, with generosity and security. Also, a culture of various learned men, with people skilled in the arts. The achievements of the African people before European arrival showed how successful and sustainable a nation can be with a deep culture, a strong economy and a generous

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