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American slavery has always been a topic people believe as brutal, cruel, inhumane, and horrible. To many people, slavery wasn’t a lifestyle, it was a job. As we know, slavery officially ended in 1865, but do we really know the purpose behind slavery? One aspect about slavery is that we really don’t know the purpose of slavery. The purpose of slavery was to serve, labor, pleasure and greed.
Slaves served and were gifted occupations, such as craftsmen, coopers, metal forgers, potters, and sugar boilers. Those employments for the most part went to men. Ladies restricted to hands on work, however some filled in as house slaves. More men were brought from Africa as slaves than ladies. As stated in the DBQ “That the African Negro is destined to occupy this condition of servitude is not less clear. It is marked on the face, stamped on the skin, and shown by the inferiority of this race. …show more content…

Slaves were being sold for money for high amounts back in their day. Slaves were considered as property. "The law gives the master absolute power over the slave. He may work him, flog him, hire him out, sell him… In law a slave has no wife, no children, no country and no home. He can own nothing, acquire nothing, but what must belong to another. (A Speech by Frederick Douglass (1850)." Slaves were frequently sold at business sectors and barters. Slave barters demonstrate that slaves were not considered as people with human rights. Slaves did not have any say in what transpired. You could earn great amounts off slaves since they did all your work and worked hard, especially men, to serve all times. They had slaves work, which was an easy way for them to make money, because they didn’t have to do anything for themselves.
The purpose of slavery was to serve, labor, pleasure and greed. Slavery was used to do something that the owner didn’t want to do. Masters were lazy in my eye and wanted money in return for being lazy. I never understood the purpose of

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