Theme Of Death In Macbeth

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The personality of Macbeth changes over the course of the play as Macbeth murders many innocent people like, Duncan, Banquo and Macduff's family. The death of these characters symbolizes the death and birth of something inside Macbeth and the beginning of his downfall. Macbeth, at the beginning or the play, a brave soldier only protecting his people and his king, to Macbeth a murderous tyrant only looking out for the greater good of himself.

The death of Duncan symbolized the death of Macbeth's before anxious and confused self and birthed a Macbeth full of guilt and anxiety. After being led to Duncan by a floating dagger and murdering him, Macbeth returns to his wife crying, "One cried "God Bless us!" And "Amen!" The other, as if they have …show more content…

"There the grown serpent lies; the worm that’s fled hath nature that in time will venom breed, no teeth for the present." (III. iv. 30-33). In this Macbeth is saying that Banquo is dead and Fleance who has fled will in time get what he deserves but he can do nothing to harm Macbeth now. With every death, Macbeth has become more and more ruthless, he hasn’t even let it set in that he just ordered the murder of another of his friends. After this, Macbeth goes to see the witches demanding information, where he decides to murder Macduff until learning that he has fled to England. The second apparition tells Macbeth that no one borne of a woman can harm him, and Macbeths courage is spiked again, before he decides to murder Macduff's entire family. This is where Macbeth is officially at his worst, killing Macduff's entire family just because he …show more content…

After learning of her death, he states, "she should have died hereafter; there would have been such a time for such a word. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow creeps its petty pace form day to day" (V. v. 17-20). Macbeth wishes that at this moment he could mourn the loss of his dead wife, but he cannot because there's a battle to be fought. When Macduff finally finds Macbeth, Macbeth states that he does not want to fight Macduff because he has already killed his wife and son. "I will not yield, to kiss the ground before young Malcolm's feet and to be baited with the rabbles curse. Though Birnam Wood be come to Dunsinane, and thou opposed, bring of no woman born, yet I will try the last" (V. viii. 27-30). When Macduff offers him a surrender, Macbeth denies and fights anyway with no hope left. This scene is incredibly depressing because it shows how far Macbeth has come from this knight sworn to protect his king to this power hungry monster willing to kill all in his way and finally to himself now, a sad, sad man with no one left because he either killed them or they killed themselves and now he is ready to accept the his reign is over, it is time to stop, but he will not die without one last battle.

Shakespear includes symbolism hidden in the characters in the play Macbeth to deepen the meaning of just a story of a valiant soldier turned into

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