Declaration Of Human Rights In Night By Elie Wiesel

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“Don’t be deluded.Hitler has made it clear that he will annihilate all Jews before the clock strikes twelve.”-Elie Wiesel. This quote was made by the author, Elie Wiesel, that wrote Night, a book about the Holocaust. The Holocaust is a tragic event where a man named Adolf Hitler and his followers, Nazis, attempted to make Jews extinct in Europe and eventually the world. Hitler violated many articles in the Declaration Of Human Rights.In the concetration camps, The prisoners were dehumanized by being treated like animal-like and didnt recieve any care or compassion. Hitler violated the Declaration of Human Rights,which was created before World War II, by taking away their property and treating them cruelly. The two articles I will be focused on in my essay are articles 17 and 5. All humans deserve these basic rights because we should treat others with respect and kindness because life is too short. Although the Nazi officers that committed these crimes think these action were okay, they were inhumane. The Jews were crammed in small spaces, such as dogs. Also, they were killed for very unrealistic reasons. “As in waking for a deep sleep, He slapped my father with such a great force that he barely crawled back.” (Pg. , Wiesel) Humans should also …show more content…

Article 5, which states that that people can’t be tortured or treated cruelly, was broken. “ You will be burned, turned to ashes”(Pg. 31,Wiesel) was said by a prisoner to Wiesel and his father. “He began beating him with an iron bar.”( ,Wiesel) another quote from Night which gives proof to cruelty of Jews. Article 17, which states that property cannot be taken from people. “ Strip!Hurry up! Our clothes will be thrown to the back.” ( ,Wiesel) “I shall remove your gold crown.” ( ,Wiesel) “I lost my shoes anyway. I gained nothing.” ( , Wiesel) were three quotes that show proof of property being taken away from the

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