Difference Between Malcolm X And Martin Luther King Jr

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Tension between Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X

What is the Martin Luther King cause that made him the most effect in the civil rights movements what is Malcolm x causes that made him smaller effect in the civil rights movements??
In 1960, Martian Luther King (Dr. King) and Malcolm X were leaders at the black civil Rights movements. They had a common goal but different methods to approach that goals which is blacks Freedom. Some had to accept the viewpoints of Dr. King and some had to accept the viewpoints of Malcolm X. Dr. King appealed to whites with his ideas of peace and integration and the so-called “negro wanted what appealed to whites. Martin Luther King Jr. had the most effect in the civil rights movements than Malcolm X for several reasons: First Dr. King had a larger effect in the youth because he was like a status quo of the time. Malcolm X was supported by youth who went through the same struggles …show more content…

Martin Luther King Jr. Malcolm X was a revolutionary, his message misunderstood by many. The media did not help that at all. He was labeled as anti-American, racist, and even communist. His philosophy of "By any means necessary" was confused with a philosophy that advocated hate, racism, and violence. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, on the other hand, was not seen as a threat. He preached peace, love, and caring, and that those things would bring everyone together to a better life together. Malcolm X did not want to wait anymore. After 400 years of slavery Africans in America had suffered, Malcolm X believed that waiting, singing, and hoping will not change anything, but action will. While Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. say love as "something strong an organized, a direct action.” The clips at the end are shown to emphasize that idea of Dr. King believing that we will get freedom one day, while Malcolm X says it is about time we get our freedom.

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