Disadvantages Of Intermittent Diet

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Many people choose to follow this particular eating regimen because they want to lose weight organically. Yes, that is one of the best and most noticeable advantages of the Intermittent Diet. But when done correctly, this can also help you: • Organically increase your muscle mass, even if you do not exercise a lot. If you eat a lot during certain times of the year (e.g. holidays, celebrations, etc.), your body tries its best to keep up with the sheer volume of food and drinks you consume. Often, it “tucks” away a few things into your adipose tissues, hoping that these would be processed later, which the body eventually does in the next few days. • If you habitually overeat or overindulge, your body cannot process the excess food, and has no other option but to continue making adipose tissues for all those unwanted calories. Even if you exercise yourself to the point of exhaustion, it will still take a long time before your body uses up all those stored calories. • Intermittent fasting allows your body to gradually burn off calories in the adipose tissues. During fasting, your body starts working with its other energy sources, like: triglycerides in hormones, enzymes in the blood, and enzymes in the digestive system. But those come in limited supply. • Gradually, the body uses the stored calories in the adipose tissues. This seemingly simple process helps the body develop leaner muscle mass. The “heat” (energy) you are expending builds up, heals, and strengthens

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