Does The Internet Make You Dumber By Nicholas Carr Analysis

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Imagine living in a world without any internet. Imagine the amount of trouble a person would require to go through in order to find out the simplest things. The internet nowadays has become an essential part of almost every human being’s life. Cutting the internet off for just one day my actually leave the world in a state of commotion. Every type of technology may be used in either a way that benefit’s a person, or a way that may harm a person. The author, Nicholas Carr (2010), in “Does the Internet Make You Dumber?” argues that the internet, which is usually looked upon as the most abundant source of information, is actually what is leading people to become “superficial thinkers.” People who are always on the internet tend to not be very productive or creative. Even with the advantages using …show more content…

An emotional appeal to an audience focuses on connecting with the reader by either emitting or receiving a feeling of sympathy. Such results can be achieved through many means, one for example, is sharing a personal story experienced by the author; an experience that left the author in a state of confusion or maybe even misery. Carr uses some words and phrases, such as “a predator would take us by surprise” or “crucial to our survival” (para. 12), that are meant to emotionally appeal to the audience. In this case, the author uses these phrases in a way to differentiate between two different times instead appealing to the audience emotionally. Carr also gives insufficient information about himself and his background. The only information provided about Carr was that he was an author of other several books relating to this topic, but that solely is not enough information. This causes the audience to not think of the author as a trustworthy and reliable

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