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Donald Harvey, also known as "the angel of death" would have been considered, by many people, the most prolific serial killer in American history. Although he claims to have killed 87 people, official estimates would show that he killed from a range of 36-57 people. Harvey started his killings at the Marymount Hospital located in London, Kentucky from may 1970 to March 1971. The Marymount Hospital was not the only hospital in which Donald Harvey killed patients. In order to make sure that his killings were not revealed it was noted that Donald Harvey would often use different methods to kill his victims. He would use poison, he would suffocate his victims, and he would do a lot of stuff to his victims to kill them. Some poisons that Harvey would use include arsenic, cyanide, and insulin. He would also sometimes suffocate his victims and turn off the ventilators. Harvey's favorite method was using arsenic and cyanide poisoning by giving it to the victims in …show more content…

There are many psychologist and doctors that could not find the exact reason as to why Harvey would kill patients at the hospitals he was working at. Whether is was because he couldn’t bear the thought of people suffering around him or he just liked watching patients die, no one really ever knew. Harvey considered himself as the angel of death of the mercy killer. He would call himself this because he would use poison and suffocate patients to put them out of their misery. He also admitted that when a patient would anger him, he would sometimes suffocate them. In fact, the first patient that he killed made him angry because he rubbed feces in his face, which made Harvey really angry and he snapped by smothering the man. No one noticed any of this happened and Harvey got away with it. He also got away with using poison such as arsenic poison because the symptoms cause by arsenic poison can also be the explanation of other

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