Donald Trump's Influence On Social Media

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In this past election the American people witnessed the influence the media had on us. News and social media outlets were essential tools for candidates like Trump to use in order to gain recognition. The use of Twitter placed Donald Trump on the national platform because he would tweet out critical words about current events. Unafraid to say what he was thinking, he attracted many voters to agree with him. According to the article, “Trump Won Thanks To Social Media” published in The Hill by author Laeeq Khan, Donald Trump was able to “[master] Twitter by embracing the immediacy (right now), transparency (unvarnished expression), and risk (rather than caution).” Throughout his campaign, he was actively criticizing other presidential candidates most notably Hillary Clinton, on social media. His tweets attacked Clinton by calling her a …show more content…

Trump not only targeted Clinton, but also former President Barrack Obama claiming he was not an American, but rather Muslim. In Trumps tweet, he says “Why does Barack Obama 's ring have an arabic inscription? Who is this guy?” Trump’s inappropriate tweets garnered the interest of Americans who enjoyed his unapologetic language. Trumps influence transcended through social media and also through the news media. Whenever he was on live television, he was straightforward about his thoughts on Muslim and Mexican Immigrants. I clearly remember him stating that Mexicans are “bringing drugs. They 're bringing crime. They 're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people”(Trump, Trump’s Announcement). Trump created a bad image for the Mexican people and instigated a hatred of supporters. The media today has had the most influence on politics, which can be dangerous knowing that these media sites have millions of

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