Door Of The Tiger Myth

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I think the princess chooses the door of the tiger. The story was about a boy with crime .The boy had to go an arena to see if he was guilty or inset. The princess in the arena chosen the door of the tiger. The reason the princess chooses the door of the of a tiger is because she didn’t won’t him to be with another girl. The boy believed the princess and picked the door she told him to. So the boy wound up dyeing. 6 There was a boy who they thought had a crime. So they made that boy go in to a arena with two doors. When he entered 2 doors under him opened he could pick either door he wanted to 14”the semi barbaric king had a daughter as blooming as his most florid Francis soul’’. When she realized no one was looking she gave a hand move meant to the right .Then with no hesitation the man went straight to the door she told him to. Thinking since …show more content…

“ The girl was lovely but she had dared to raise her eyes to the loved one of the princess and, with all interest of the savage blood trans mitted to her trough long lines of would barbaric ancestors she hated woman who blemished and trebled behind the silent door .The quote from the story shows the princess tried to send him to his death. The jealous princess couldn’t watch the boy open the door of the lady and then run off and marry her. Because the man is her lover and she would rather watch him die than be with someone else. 6 It would be better to die at one and go wait for her in the semi barbaric futurity. Because when the princess dies she could go live with him. Then having to watch him live life with another girl. So that’s why the princes chosen the door of the tiger instead of lady .So the man believed the princess is the bad one and the good one is the man. 5 –

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