Dropping The N Word Analysis

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The use of the “n” word is a highly problematic issue in American society. The “n” has a special and unique place in the American language. In fact, according to Sean Price in his “Dropping the N-word” article, he says that in “Metro area high schools...50 percent of the student agree on using the “n” word” (Dropping the N-Word, Price). Although the word is very modern, its roots come from the word "negro", back from the 1700 and 1800’s when it was most prevalent in wealthy American plantations. The “n” word was used by many whites as a racial slur and as a way to degrade African American descents. In addition, the “n” word was also mentioned to assert white supremacy and to achieve greater status in the American social hierarchy. However, …show more content…

Even though this word has offended many, it should not be censored due to its attachment of values and history that can have a heavy impact on many elderly whites and blacks. Despite the connotation of the word, the “n” is also violating First Amendment Rights of many Americas. Censorship or suppression of any valuable word is a direct violation of the first amendment and the freedom of speech. The power of freedom of speech can cascade violence and lead to polluted brain in many young cerebral hemispheres. Although the “n” word is not a friendly lexis to input in a colloquial conversation, it certainly should not be kept uncensored due to its reputation and ethics.
Based on the context of the word, the “n” word can have different meanings. The “n” word is a form of endearment used among friends and close relationships. In the essay “The meanings of a word” by Gloria Naylor, when the “n” word is “with a possessive adjective by a woman--“my nigger”--it becomes a term of endearment for her husband or boyfriend” (The Meanings, Naylor). Many young adults are comfortable using the “n” word out in public places like school, movies and the shopping malls because they have been accustomed to it. Moreover, the hip hop …show more content…

For a long time, this disparaging term has been and will continue to be used by both white and black Americans. Apart from conversation, this disparate word is often used in our sophisticated society and is integrated in many music albums, plays, movies and magazines. In spite of all the analogs mentioned, there are many benefits for not censoring the “n” word from American dictionary. Love and affection can be expressed through many ways; the “n” word is an alternate way of expressing love to someone especially in African-American societies. In addition to showing affection, the three hundred year long American history is also attached to the “n” word in the form of slavery, and indentured servants. Last but not the least is the violation of the First Amendment through censorship. If the “n” word, which holds century old heritage is censored in American literature and musics, then the thoughts and ideas of past writers are not fully being expressed. I stand with the cons of censoring the “n” word and truthfully believe and agree that the “n” word should still be intact with the American dialect and continue with the black cultural

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