E. Coli Mastitis Case Summary

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Katelyn Pugliese Hannah Chenail Health Management Critically Appraised Topic Clinical Question In dairy cattle with E. coli mastitis, is fluid therapy better then anti-inflammatory containing carprofen to improve clinical recovery? Case During a routine visit to a client’s dairy farm, the owner Joe Smith has mentioned that several of his cows are sick with mastitis. He believes the mastitis is caused by Escherichia coli. Being a long time client, he has had many discussions about the best way to treat E.coli mastitis in his herd. With the recent difficulty to treat mastitis, he mentioned that he has heard about an anti-inflammatory containing carprofen. Claims have been made that this anti-inflammatory improves recovery rate. Another popular …show more content…

The researchers that were treating the cows were either using carprofen or saline solution. They were unaware of which they were treating with providing unbiased results and observations. Another great portion of this study was that the E. coli was inoculated into each cows left front and rear udder, providing for a uniform sampling field. The only flaw to this study was that it was such a small study group, 25 cows. If this was done on a larger group, an immunomodulatory effects trend may have been observed. Conclusion In conclusion carprofen has no significant effect on bacterial treatment. Carprofen was given late into the acute phase reaction of the induced E.coli when clinical signs were first seen. Treatments with carprofen had modulatory effects on clinical and immunological parameters. Results show that after a treatment with carprofen, there was a significant decline in severity of the clinical parameters. Carprofen is a great antipyretic but does not exhibit its major immunomodulatory effects that would have been expected. References Vangroenweghe F, Duchateau L, Boutet P, Lekeux P, Rainard P, Paape MJ, and Burvenich C. Effect of Carprofen Treatement Following Experimentally Induced Escherichia coli Mastitis in Primiparous Cows. Journal of Dairy Science 88: 2361-2376,

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