What Is The First Portrait Of Edna Pontellier's Character

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When an individual looks at Edna Pontellier they see a fasciated woman, but they do not know the rebell Edna inside. She is a woman of many personalities, yet she always keeps her composure in front of others around her. The first portrait of Edna features her proper etiquette of being a lady like. Mrs.Pontellier makes sure to keep up her appearance in demonstrating having a good time with her friends. “It was very warm, and for awhile they did nothing but exchange remarks about the heat, the sun, the glare” (Chopin 15). The quote supports the image Edna creates for herself in how she spends time with Madame Ratignolle. Another one of Edna’s impression is showing the love between Mr.Pontellier and herself. In having a quaint town they often spend time with everyone around. “After Mrs.Pontellier had danced twice with her husband” (Chopin 24). Edna always makes sure to publicly show affection and love towards to her husband to those around her. …show more content…

It is a woman not carrying about leaving anyone behind. The first inner appearance shown in the novel is when Edna talks about she would not care if she forgot about her children. “she would sometimes forget them” (Chopin 18). The quotes expresses how Edna has no regard of being a mother or recognition of caring. This is interpreting the inner rebell of Edna in how she is not afraid to leave her family behind. Another side of her inner self showing was when she was refusing to get out of the hammock “With a writhing motion she settled herself more securely in the hammock. She perceived that her will had blazed up,” (Chopin 31). This expresses her attitude against her husband in which she does not care if she disobeys him. In conclusion, Edna has two very distinct personalities when it comes with what is on the outside and the inside of

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