Effects Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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Are your ancestors, Jews, Gypsies, Physically or Mentally disabled? In the story Night, Elie Wiesel went through the hardships of being in the concentration camps. Once, a child Pipel, was hung and they were forced to watch him struggle as he was hung. Since the rope was too big he didn't die instantly and he struggled for an hour and they were forced to see him die. There was hatred towards to Jews, they were blamed for many of the German losses, and they were deprived of the many things that they had.

The first effect of the Holocaust was the survivors later remembering everything that happened. According to the website, apa.com, the survivors had many other traumatizing experiences, which later went on with them in their daily life (Psychological Pain of Holocaust Still Haunts Survivors".) This was a big effect, because it didn't just stick with them in the concentration camps, but it stuck with them long-term. All of the things that they saw being done to other people began to carry on in their life and it traveled with them, even after they were out of the concentration camps. …show more content…

In the article on, sixmillioncrucifixions.com, the Jews were blamed for many things that the Germans did wrong, and this included the black death plague. During the Middle Ages, Christians believed Jews were associated with the devil and were out to eliminate Christianity ("Blaming the Jews for the Black Death Plague".) This was a big event because, this is one of the major and the main reasons as to why the camps even started, and this is one of the reasons why many Jews were dead and most were used to work or the Nazi's. Since, they were considered illegal immigrants to the Germans, this gave them another reason as to why they would do all these horrible things to the Jews. This led to many Jews being killed right as they stand because they felt that they cause everything bad that happened to the

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