Eliezer's Experience In The Book Night

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In the book Night, by Elie Wiesel, he tells of his life and experiences throughout the Holocaust. As a young boy he was taken from his home, separated from his mom and sister, and thrown into a concentration camp with his father. Once he and his father arrived at the concentration camp, Auschwitz, many children and elderly were sent straight toward a crematory, and immediately executed. Their heads were shaved, and tattoos were inscribed on their arms. Forced to live in horrible conditions with hardly any food, Eliezer ceased to pray, and began to believe God had no sense of justice. Not long after, Elie and his father were moved to another camp where conditions were just as bad. Elie’s experience at this camp was dehumanizing. He was beaten and saw things no human should have to see. …show more content…

He believed this was God’s doing. His need to survive was because of his concern for his weakening father. When the Russian army moved in towards the camp, they were forced to march through the cold winter. Many Jews would drop dead or shot by soldiers if they could not keep up. After a long journey, they finally arrived at another camp, and Elie’s father becomes ill with dysentery. Soon after, his father was beaten and put to death, but Elie had no emotions. Three months later, the camp was liberated, and Eliezer was freed. Because of Wiesel’s loss of innocence and restoration of hope, Wiesel’s book Night reveals the resiliency of human beings.

Eliezer was only a teenager when taken by German soldiers. On his first night at Birkenau, he realizes that his childhood innocence has died. Each day Elie’s innocence died more and more, “Many prisoners’ minds are numbed to the horror. Eliezer witnesses a son kill his

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