Encounter With Martin Luther King Jr By Maya Angelou Analysis

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Inspiring Change Maya Angelou’s article, "Encounter with Martin Luther King Jr.”, shows the personable and real Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. Throughout the story, Angelou demonstrates how meeting Martin Luther King Jr. solidified her sense of purpose and a belief in the possibility of change. Angelou's descriptions of her encounter with King express the theme of hope and inspiration through his words. King was totally gracious in his encounter with Angelou. King said “‘We’re so grateful for the job you all are doing up here. It’s a confirmation for us down on the firing line.’” (Angelou, 268). He was an inspiration even when engaging in simple small talk. Even though he was the famous person, he made Angelou feel important, worthy, and critical. …show more content…

This further demonstrates his friendly and easy-going nature, instilling confidence with his speech. Angelou grew up very poor but King was understanding and respectful as she described her childhood to him. She characterized her childhood, “‘When I described the dirt roads and shanties and the little schoolhouse on top of the hill, he smiled in recognition.’” (Angelou, 270). King was respectful to her and treated her as an equal. This was impactful to Angelou and a very significant turning point in her life. Even when Angelou told King about her brother in prison, Sing Sing, he was sympathetic and positive. King responded, “‘I understand. Disappointment drives our young men to some desperate lengths. That’s why we must fight and win. We must save the Baileys of the world.’” (Angelou, 271). King told Angelou to never give up on Bailey, her brother. This was very powerful for her to hear from Dr.

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