Epic Of Gilgamesh Vs Genesis Essay

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For a start, The Epic of Gilgamesh was a story about a king named Gilgamesh, who ruled a city called Uruk around 2700 BC. Gilgamesh traveled the world, seeking to find a way to cheat death. Then on his journey, he came upon an old man, Utnapishtim. This man informs Gilgamesh of a story from centuries ago; the gods brought a flood that devoured the earth. The gods were angry at mankind, so that is why they sent the flood to destroy them. Utnapishtim had to build a boat in order to become immortal. On this boat, he brought aboard relatives and all species of creatures. When Utnapishtim released the birds to find land, the boat just happened to land above a mountain above the flood. Utnapishtim survived the flood and was granted with immortality from the gods; death will not seek him. He is the only human who the gods tend to favor because Utnapishtim is a god now and will be worshipped.
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One similarity would be that Noah and Utnapishtim were both heros, just with different names. Neither one was considered perfect, but were righteous and better than those around them. Another similarity is how both stories used a boat in order to be saved from the floods. Their God’s cared for each of them deeply Noah and Utnapishtim still had strong faith in their beliefs. They never doubted their gods and always stayed loyal. A difference with the two stories would be the duration of the floods. In The Epic of Gilgamesh, it took a short six days and nights, but with Genesis it took a long forty days and nights plus to find the land for the flood to end. Another difference is with the height and shape of the boat. For The Epic of Gilgamesh the height was six stories, with the boat being squared shaped. With Genesis, the height was only three stories and it was a rectangular shape. As one can see, the two stories have most of the same qualities, but can differ in little

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