Equality In Ayn Rand's The Anthem

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“An individualist is a man who says: I will not run anyone’s life nor let anyone run mine. I will not rule nor be ruled. I will not be a master nor a slave. I will not sacrifice myself nor sacrifice anyone to myself.” - Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand believed that collectivism is a hardship. She believed every man should be an individualist and live for themselves and no one else. This vision was portrayed through her book Anthem that featured a young boy named Equality 7-2521. Equality lives in a society that suppresses individualism and raises the “brotherly contribution and need” above anything else. “The Anthem” , a song by the pop punk band Good Charlotte, is about a young man that wants to be nothing like the other people in his world. They all are just like one another and he wants to break away from this. There are many similarities and differences between Anthem by Ayn Rand and “The Anthem” by Good Charlotte. …show more content…

In the society of the speaker in “The Anthem” everyone in everyday is the same. The sameness and likeness are a burden that he is unwilling to bear any longer. They struggle to break away from this trend. Equality is privy to the same concept in his society: “We strive to be like our brother men, for all men must be alike” (Rand 19). In the society Equality lives in, it is crucial to be just like your brothers. If you are not exactly like them in emotions, physical aspects, and character aspects you are a curse to society. Equality eventually rejected this way of thinking and separated himself from this group. The speaker in “The Anthem” must now do the

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