Example Of An Esfj Application Essay

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My confirmed profile is an ENFJ; this means that in business and school I am a very reliant and helpful individual. ENFJ possess a natural charm that can easily attract and befriend people. They are charismatic individuals and can be persuasive as well as motivational speakers. The extravert; meaning that they are able to speak freely and communicate well, As an ENFJ I tend to be more attracted to client facing roles or roles that allows me to be a first hand aid to clients. Such a position affords me great comfort and happiness when I realize the joy and gratitude of a client after a successful service delivery. I also tend to always be ready at hand to assist my colleagues and to always learn and be confident in my work position. For the lack of it cripples my ability to help. I tend to get very frustrated when I cannot …show more content…

One was a particular situation where my peers used to make fun of my appearance as the ugly personality. The first three years of my high school career were quiet difficult. When a joke had to be passed, it had to be on me. When a female wasn't as pleasing as others to the eyes; she would be linked to me. Being more quiet and reserved allowed my peers to use me as a scape goat for all the “ugly” jokes at that time. What made it the more difficult was that it hurt me deeply to be regarded as an ugly person not because I looked the part but because others have just found a way to see the ugliness in me and found it pleasing to mock me. In fact the mocking actually affected my moral and self-esteem. For many years I had a fear of talking in front of people. No matter how well prepared I would come for a presentation, I would always end up going blank while I am doing my presentation. A situation that I had to fight for years to overcome. It also made me innately shy and prevented me from dating in my teens due to my lack of courage to approach the lady I would like in any

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