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Anne Bradstreet is one of the most controversial poets of her time. Choosing her lover and materialistic items over religion. This is best shown in her works "To my dear loving husband" and "Upon the burning of our house" Which solely focuses on her Ironic lover as well as her home. In these poems she talks about how nothing can replace the happiness she feel with the main topic of each poem. While very similar in black and white. Yet, When you open it up to grey the differences outweigh the similarity 's. Firstly though, lets figure out who Anne really was. Born on march twentieth sixteen-twelve to one of Queen Elizabeth 's non-conforming solders Thomas Dudley. Anne Bradstreet soon became one of the most controversially outspoken poets of her time, Born in Northampton, England transferred to Boston Massachusetts and moved from there on. She married at sixteen to her sweetheart Simon Bradstreet. She lived long enough to have eight kids, move halfway across the world to a foreign land, and survived smallpox. Sadly she was hit with a form of paralysis. She went on to write thirteen poems. All outstanding in their own way. The two we will compare today are "Upon the burning of our house" and "To my dear and loving husband." Throughout the two …show more content…

In "To my dear and loving husband" she talks about her husband rather than the other she talks about her house burning down and loosing all her materialiostic objects. In "Upon the burning of our house" she talks about feeling cheated by fate and feeling worthless now that all their posessions were turned to ashes. When she talks about her husband she mentions hoe irriplacible he is to her. Yet when she talks about her now burnt house she is sad yes, But she will eventully get over it and move on get new things and make new memories. She 'll move onand find new profound happiness. Its just how life has to work or we will never

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