Essay On Crooks Loneliness

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Have you ever been so lonely, lonely enough to do anything for anyone? Have you ever been in the shoes of someone who needed someone to relate too? Have you ever been in the shoes of someone who needed friends, or someone that was equal towards you? Exactly, you probably have. Just think about it for a second, if you saw all these men talk about you like you’re not valuable, or talk about you like you were under them. It hurts, doesn’t it? Have you ever been in the shoes of Crooks, George, or Curley’s wife? In the book Of Mice and Men, it showed loneliness a lot, especially with the characters I just mentioned. Crooks and Curley’s wife actually admitted to being lonely while George showed he was lonely. George did have Lennie but Lennie was “different”, Curley’s wife was a woman and of course was stuck in a house all alone with nobody to talk too, and Crooks, he didn’t have someone who had the same value as him. Crooks was the only black man on the ranch, and of course with people talking about him and treating him like he was worthless, he grew to be lonely.
Crooks was a lonely man, he didn’t have anyone who had the same “value” as him. I mean, imagine being on a ranch, being the only colored person there, and basically being alone for days. When
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Loneliness was a big thing in the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, especially with the characters George, Curley 's wife, and Crooks. In the book, Crooks showed he was lonely, Curley 's wife actually admitted she was lonely, and in George 's actions he was lonely. Crooks didn’t have anyone who was equal to him, George didn’t have anyone he related too, and Curley’s wife just couldn’t talk to anyone. They were all lonely in different ways. If you see a lonely person, make an effort to talk to them, no matter if they’re a different skin, if they are a different gender, or if you don’t even relate to them. No one deserves to be
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