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Does Hamlet Really Love Ophelia? Love what most people view as a physical affection or attachment towards someone.Is there really a pacific way to show someone that you're in love with them.When it comes to love most people are afraid of showing someone that they love them because they're afraid of getting hurt or for the other person getting hurt. Hamlet does indeed truly love Ophelia, It could be that Hamlet was afraid of getting hurt all along. Hamlet's views on love could be ruined because of his mother's relationship with his father and how she got over him so quickly and married his uncle Claudius.Hamlet is also protecting Ophelia from getting hurt with his plans of revenge or protecting her from his uncle knowing he would use her as a way of hurting him. Hamlet shows his love for Ophelia in many different ways throughout the play. the first way Hamlet shows his love towards Ophelia is with …show more content…

In Act 5 scene 1, page 12 Hamlet says “ I loved Ophelia. Forty thousand brothers could not with all their quantity of love make up my sum. What wilt thou do for her.” In this case, the hamlet has proven to everyone that he is in love with Ophelia, with him saying that if you added a forty thousand brothers their love couldn't match mine. With this Hamlet is finally coming out and finally showing his love for Ophelia. All along hamlet did love Ophelia but he was just afraid to show that he did love her because he was afraid that he would get hurt. On the other hand, Hamlet could have also hidden his love to protect Ophelia from getting hurt from Claudius for the revenge they both wanted on each other. For instance when hamlet first tell Ophelia that he did love her but then changes with saying that he didn't he loved her because he knew that their conversation was being

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