Physical Attractiveness Affects People

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While most people think that physical attractiveness might only affect people’s decisions just a little bit, actually physical attractiveness can create a huge impression at first sight, and human brains decide whether they are going to create new relations or not with strangers. In Kevin Hogan’s (2005) book The Science of Influence, he mainly discusses how physical attractiveness affects people. Physical attractiveness is important for getting deals and establishing successful relationship. We criticized stranger by two ways. First one is personally which we relied on our instinct and second one is professionally which we use our knowledge and first impression on people (p.15) and nobody wants to be judged in a bad way. I agree that physical …show more content…

According to Hogan (2005), people can decide approximately in four seconds whether they will say yes or no to people whom they contact (p.15). When we meet somebody new, thousands of neurons are activated and our brains automatically make an effort to categorized people (p.16). As a consequence of this situation, we instinctively create ‘yes’ or ‘no’ reaction. Brain can categorize people like attractive, unattractive, high status or in between. Physical attractiveness is also important in getting deals and establishing successful relationships because of our categorization system. We can sometimes feel good and bad about our contact and actually it is because their physical appearance. For example, if we are meeting somebody for a job first, we look at their clothes, hair and their faces. They cannot change their face type but they can put a smile on their face. This will yield more positive feedbacks. If there are two people and one of them is good looking, great hair and proper clothes for a job, and the other person is totally opposite, of course we will say yes to the good looking person. Also a lot of research was made about how physical attraction affects our decision making. In one research, a group of people randomly dated each other and when we look at the feedbacks, people who dated each other said that ‘ They would know that they would meet one more time or not in a first seconds of our date.’

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