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Many themes and symbols are used in that of The Kite Runner, ranging from surface level appearance to ones of foggy intent. There is one piece, in particular, that speaks volumes throughout the novel; Hassan’s lip. From cleft to scar, in death and in memory, it serves as a beacon of discrimination, age old customs, time, and remembrance. Right off the bat, the reader is provided with a description of Hassan. The likes of him and Amir are somewhat compared and contrasted, noting not only physical means, but also societal. Amir is cheeky and brimming with mischievous intent, with a cushioned life and a yearn to impress his father. Hassan is good hearted and loyal (as we see demonstrated throughout the whole book), with twinkling green eyes and a smile of unconditional admiration, he leads a life at the beckon and call of others. He is that of a servant boy, living humbly, marked by his status and cleft lip. By having been born with this deformity, Hassan cannot deny or dream of leading a different lifestyle in practice or in theory. Even after Baba provides a medical procedure that trades his cleft for a scar, Hassan can never truly …show more content…

Overall, he is beaten to a pulp, suffering cuts and bruises and broken bones. Though, it all heals, one scar remains on his upper lip. Being not only apropo, the scar takes on a whole new meaning. Like that of Hassan’s it’s a mark of remembrance, Amir cannot forget his roots, but in more of a developmental way. Amir’s Hassan-like scar is a reminder of how he has grown, who he was and who he had, who he is now. Though there are many overlapping and evolved symbols encompassed in The Kite Runner, none are as real and impressionable as the ever changing mark of Hassan. From Amir and Hassan’s differences and, ultimately, their similarities, we are reminded that time will heal most, but not

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