Essay On Taking Away Gun Rights

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The second amendment of the constitution, the right to bear arms is a heated subject for everyone across the world right now. Many people believe that taking away gun rights is “Not American” and goes against everything we are about, here in the land of the free. Many can argue also that it’s not the guns that kill people, it’s the people. It is unfair to take away something from everyone when only certain people shouldn’t be using them, because they aren’t mature enough to handle weapons. To begin with, many people believe that guns should be taken away because of all the shootings and dangerous events going on all around the world. Many people would agree with the fact that a lot of people shouldn’t handle weapons especially …show more content…

The people who want to go out and hurt someone obviously have it in their head to start off with, so they will find a way to get a gun or hurt someone in a different way, taking away gun rights isn’t going to stop people from killing if that’s what their initial intentions are in the first place. Adding to it, many Americans believe that that taking away gun rights is unconstitutional. “This is a freedom that Americans have acquired over time, but by banning guns it takes that freedom away, and thus going against the declaration of independence because it is a law that is restricting the people from their rights to own a weapon for protection.” (Debate). The biggest upset about the taking away guns from our people is the fact that it goes against everything America has always bragged out being, the land of the free. Making these laws don’t just take away peoples weapons it takes away their sense of home, safety, and freedom. The people have always believed in protecting themselves and being able to live in peace. Without protection, nobody will be able to sleep in peace at night in their own country. Taking away guns to most people would just make things more badly instead of

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