Essay On The Charge Of The Light Brigade

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Courage is the ability to act in spite of feeling fear. Through history many people have possessed true courage, such as Martin Luther King Jr., The founding fathers, Ted “The zodiac killer” Cruz, Elizabeth Stanton, etc. All these men and women did what they believe is correct in spite of fear and resistance, even if not believed to be the “moral” position, for everyone’s morals are different. The stories, “Dulce et decorum” and “The charge of the light brigade” exhibit qualities of courage and bravery through their expression of following their ideals and protecting them while feeling fear. During the battle of balaclava, in 1854, during the Crimean war, a brigade of light cavalry was meant to pursue retreating russian forces. Unfortunately due to miscommunication they were instead sent on a frontal assault against an artillery battery through a valley. This Event was later written as the poem, “The charge of the light brigade” which portrayed the courage and valour of the british soldiers. This poem shows courage because it portrays the resolution…show more content…
In “Dulce et decorum” owen speaks to “children ardent for some desperate glory” (Owen) as he warn to not follow the deception that his country and men have told him “the old lie: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori” (Owen). Through this owen portrays that it isn’t sweet and fitting to die for one 's country and though owen believes this he still continues to fight on. This portrays courage because even though he’s afraid of dying he endures for the sake of his country. Throughout “Dulce et decorum” he shows the horrors and fears he had to experience during warfare for example “as under a green sea, i saw him drowning” (Owen) in which Owen shows an experience he had in World War I, where he witnessed a comrade die horribly in a poison gas
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