Essay On The Nurse In Romeo And Juliet

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A Worthy Nurse
Romeo and Juliet, a classical piece of literature, written by William Shakespeare, conveys the importance of a maternal figure in a developing teen. Juliet, a young woman of the house Capulets, falls in love with Romeo, of the house of Montague, and marries him with the aid of her Nurse and the priest Friar Laurence. Through much complications, such as Juliet faking her own death, so that she can later be with Romeo. Eventually, both Romeo and Juliet can’t think of living without the other, resulting in both of their deaths. Their deaths weren’t random though as influences from other characters that were close to them played a big role in the actions of the characters. Juliet’s Nurse had a very strong relationship with her …show more content…

First, the Nurse scouted out Romeo to approve of him herself. “...Gentlemen, can any of you tell me where I may/find the young Romeo?”(Ⅱ,ⅳ,112-113) The nurse was searching for Romeo so that she could interrogate him and judge if he would be the proper man for her beloved Juliet, that she raised from a child. The Nurse just needed to see for herself if Romeo would be correct, as Juliet already hinted at the fact that she loves him. The Nurse approves of him believing in true love and tells Juliet. Now with the approval from the Nurse Juliet also learns of the marriage that the Nurse selflessly set up for Juliet to get married to her true love Romeo. In a conversation with Juliet the Nurse delivered the news “Then hie you hence to Friar Laurence’ cell;/There stays a husband to make you a wife”(Ⅲ,ⅴ,68-69). First, the Nurse tested Juliet to make sure that she truly loved Romeo. Then, deciding that Romeo and Juliet should be together she decided to tell Juliet the news that Romeo waits to marry her. This part really was decided by the Nurse’s opinion, because if she didn’t approve of Romeo she could have easily withheld the information about the marriage. In the end, the Nurse decided that Juliet and Romeo were in love and should be together, and agrees to their

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