Essay On The Virginia Plan

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In 1787, delegates met in Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia to come up with varied views that spearheaded the formation of the Constitution of the USA that came into existence allowing the powers of the federal government to exceed those of the federal states. Several issues were proposed by different individuals to be adopted into the constitution of the country. They include, The Annapolis Conference, Paterson and the New Jersey Plan. The question of power, Madison and the Virginia Plan; Empowering a president plan among many others (Vile, 2006). The Virginia plan was the mother of the US constitution as it proposed several issues that are present in the constitution of America. It was the ideas of James Madison together with other politicians who viewed the existing government structure to be weak thus proposing a change in the structure to have another look. Virginia Plan was forwarded by Governor Edmund Randolph of Virginia on behalf of those who came up with the ideas. Some of the …show more content…

The congress was also given powers like those of setting tax rates and their enforcement (LEWIS, 1920). Furthermore, the provision requested for the establishment of the judiciary which was to be appointed by the executive to serve for a lifetime. The empowering of the president's plan borrows much from the Jersey plan as it required the existence of the executive with veto powers. Although the Virginia delegates advocated for the existence of the executive, they believed that leadership would be transitional. This means that people were not recognized and appreciated much to take part in the election of the executive. The delegates who were granted an opportunity to discuss the issue of the president corrected the problem in the Virginia Plan to ensure that there was an adequate representation of the people in the election of the

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