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Your perspective is reality, true or not it is. However, when something happens and you your perspective is lost is it true that you lose your sense of reality? Or perhaps you don 't lose reality but rather gain perspective, which can be confusing in a whole other light. Author Tim O’Brien, through his narrative, The Things They Carried, emphasises the idea the perhaps there is no way to lose perspective; instead you are constantly gaining it causes more confusion while you 're still writing your story. But perhaps when you take a step back after you’ve made it through the mess the pieces (the memorable moments good and bad) seem to fall into place creating a glance “across the surface of my [your] history” (233). O’Brien appears to be …show more content…

But sometime when you gain perspective too quickly you can find yourself in a “fog ....” and feel nothing but “overwhelming ambiguity” (78). This is where most people feel falsely think they 've lost perspective because in these moments everything you know is challenged and your perspective must adapt for the new experiences you 've just encountered. When this happens it’s easier in the moment to believe you 're just confused and jumbled by your physical and mental chaos but infact what’s really happening is you are gaining knowledge and connecting parts of the world and ideas that really make no sense but with time will. THe stress of war makes it seem as though everything is changing like “love into hate,” and “ ugliness into beauty” (78). But what is important to note is that your connections and what you know to be “truth” is just disord but your perspective is not lost it 's just adding another dimension that your mind needs time to …show more content…

The character also gives life or lifelike features and texture to how war not at the physical sense but the emotional sense feels. He makes physical connection to fog, something most everyone has experienced and understands to something ambiguous to most- what it is like to be a soldier. You get the feeling of being trapped and stuck in storm. Full of constant chaos and so much motion that one can stop to think and collect themselves. In states of emergence the ideas are there but the logic isn 't and that is what you get from this story. Not that it 's not true, but that it’s not organized linearly, which in fact may be more true than a story that was crafted in an organized fashion. When people tell stories they edit and spice to give the reader or listener a clean line of events. But life is not clean and orderly it is a mas confusion and chaotic mess. Therefore, the non-linear line here may in fact be more true than the “truth.” a war story should not be told neatly because it probably didnt fashion out that way. Getting the raw thoughts and emotions in that sense is giving you a more inside view to the character and his

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