Ethos Pathos And Logos In The Play Julius Caesar

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The Play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare centered around the murder of the roman senator Julius Caesar by a group of his fellow senators. After Caesar's murder many opinions surfaced about if it was morally right for Brutus, Cassius, and a few other roman senators to rise up and assassinate Caeser. The conspirators all tried to persuade the public that what they had done was for the good of rome. Other senators such as Antony thought that Caesar was just, kind, and fair, and therefor should not have been killed, he then tried to persuade the public that Caesar did not deserve to be murdered and that the conspirators were the ones in the wrong not Caesar. They all used forms of persuasive appeals, logos, facts and examples; pathos, storytelling and emotions; and ethos, ethics and empathy. This essay will be centered around Antony, a close friend to Caesar. Antony most commonly used logos when trying to persuade people to side with him and not the conspirators. Antony used logos when trying to convince the public that Caesar was faithful and fair. In a speech Antony gave at Caesar's funeral, Antony spoke about when he offered Caesar a crown but Caesar refused it. “You all did see that on the …show more content…

He did this in one of his many speeches during Caesar’s funeral when Antony showed the public Caesar's body. “Look in this place ran Cassius’ dagger through. … See what a rent envious Casca made.”(3.1.169-170) Antony used the fact that Caesar’s assassination was brutal and cruel to prove to the public that the killers had not killed Caesar for the good of Rome but out of envy of the love that Caesar was receiving and the power he was being given. This act is most likely the most powerful use of logos in the entire book for it convinced the public to completely turn against the conspirators and side with

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