Events Surrounding The Salem Witch Trials Of 1692

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In the year of 1692, 130 people were persecuted in Salem, Massachusetts on claims of Witchery. 25 of them died. What could have happened in Salem to spark the infamous witch trials of Salem? I believe it was caused by paranoia, attention seekers, and unneighborly conflicts. In those times, the colonists could have been attacked by Native Americans at any time, with small towns like Salem being more vulnerable. Also New World diseases plagued the settlers of the Americas. The townspeople blamed these darknesses on witches and magic. With every misfortune, paranoia increased. Their mood wasn’t improved when a witch was spotted not far in Charlestown, Massachusetts, according to Salem Witch Trials, a documentary on the subject. Is it not hard to imagine them, so close to their breaking point, to persecute anybody who could possibly be a witch in their eyes? …show more content…

This was the case when two girls became “possessed.” According to Salem Witch Trials, the two girls were home alone, under the watch of Tituba, a slave. When their parents returned, they were having fits and screaming. As reported by the girls, Tituba showed them magic tricks and spells, and must have cursed them, trying to turn them to the Devil’s side, but they were resisting. They accused Tituba, along with Sarah Good and Bridget Bishop. After their trials, the girls accused more townsfolk. They might have faked their crazed reactions, being tortured when the accused made certain gestures. They might have done this since as young girls, they are at the bottom of the social food chain. They cannot speak publicly or give any opinions. Now, their every word was taken as fact, any accusations they made became true. As said in Document D: “They… soon became intoxicated… by the terrible success of their [acting]...” Their act caused the deaths of many of the people of Salem, just for

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