Exam Cheating Utilitarianism Analysis

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Utilitarianism Justification of Exam Cheating Utilitarianism is one of the best ethical approaches that can be used to justifying a right action from a wrong action by focusing on the outcome of the path taken. The most important thing is that the action taken to achieve a certain outcome has to be of the greater benefit of the society at large. Whether the outcome is bad, it can be used to morally justify some deeds regardless of how inhumane they can be. On the other side, utilitarianism also does not justify everything because it is difficult at time to predict whether the actions taken will be good or bad at the end. Additionally, values cannot be accounted for. It cannot account for social justice and other human rights. Since utilitarianism …show more content…

“Succeed so that you can help us in future”. This is always the narrative when a member of the society gets into higher learning. The general population wants to get the best out of someone but what happens when circumstances do not allow for success. Cheating in the exam is one way to make people happy in that one has to violate the rules that govern exam misconduct. In this case, cheating is good but is it morally correct? If the benefit of cheating is a success or source of happiness to the greater population, then cheating is good and I should cheat on this exam. The end justifies the means doing whatever it takes to make people happy is good, one of the benefits of …show more content…

It is unethical to cheat but what situations warrant me to cheat on the exam? In the course of the semester, I have had many problems. I have been affected by family issues, at times financial constraints and many other factors that have had a significant impact on my concentration on my studies but the main one was based on family matters. At times, one gets engaged into sporting activities which require almost the same amount of time and dedication. Here comes a situation where I have to practice day and evening so that I am on the school team. On the other hand, my professor expects the same amount of time and concentration from this one individual who is badly needed in the school team. As a student what happens next is complete confusion as both activities are important for the school. My love for sports overshadows my quest for knowledge, therefore, I decided to give sports more time than my studies. In no time, the exams are around the corner, I haven’t read the whole semester and everyone around expects nothing less than a pass from me. The only solution left is to cheat so that everyone can be happy, however, deep down inside me, I know that I am doing something

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