Examples Of Abigail Williams In The Crucible

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Arthur Miller wrote the play “The Crucible”, during the “Red Scare” era. The “Red Scare” era, also known as the communist scare, was a time period where communists were often unjustly accused of plotting against the Government. Mass hysteria ensued involving these communists and many trials were had regarding these supposed “criminals”. Senator Joseph McCarthy, who accused anyone and everyone of being a communist or communist-sympathizer, single-handedly lead this hysteria. This label cause some to lose their job, have their homes vandalized, and even worse threats on their life. In “The Crucible”, Abigail Williams is caught, along with other girls, performing witchcraft. Instead of owning up to this, she manages to save herself and also obtain the power to accuse other people of witchcraft. She achieves this by manipulating others into believing that other witches possessed her. …show more content…

First, at the beginning of the play, in the first act, we learn that Abigail has seduced a married man named John Proctor. In their conversations, we can tell that John now wants no part of this new relationship. In addition, in the first act, Abigail is able to manipulate her uncle Parris into believing that it wasn’t her performing witchcraft, but instead someone possessing her. She states that Tituba overtakes her body and makes her do corrupt things. Moreover, she is able to manipulate the entire town into believing her story as well. This allows her to aimlessly accuse anyone she doesn’t like, or opposes her. This leads to her accusing multiple different people including Elizabeth Proctor, John’s

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