Examples Of Adversity During The Holocaust

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Marlon Cardona
Mrs. Vann
English 10-1
October 1, 2014
During the holocaust around six million Jews died, they faced many adversities. Jews didn’t know if they were going to live the next day or if they were going to kill them. They always lived with that fear of death. Ellie Wiesel made a book call “nigh” he told us all the adversities he had to go through during the holocaust and how he overcome them.
Several times Ellie tells us about his adversities. The first adversity was when he was in Buma, they have lacked of food. Wiesel also loss his family, Nazis took him away from his mother. Ellie stayed with his father. Ellie overcome all his adversities, he never gave up. After he was liberated from the concentration camp, he became a successful person. He had a lot of adversities that affected his life, he lost a lot of people he loved. What comes to your mind when you think of the word adversity? Adversities are difficulties, misfortunes. How do people react to adversity? We all react different, some people might go through it like nothing is happening, and others might feel really bad about the situation. In my case, if I’m going through adversity I react in a bad way. …show more content…

I’m struggling to get my credits, I feel really bad for myself for all the time that I wasted. I’m stressed, it’s a feeling that you can’t explain. I’m trying to achieve three things at the same time I really can’t do them all at once. I wish I could react different and just have a positive mind that I’ll make it. I have lost all my appetite, always having a headache. I have too many things to do in a short period of time. This made realize that I’m not a strong person that I always thought I was. It shows me that im not ready for the real world out there. Some of my friends are going through the same thing but it don’t seem like they are worried the same way I

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