Examples Of Allusions In The Raven

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The allusions created by Edgar Allan Poe creates a creepy and sad mood like the opening line of the poem describing the narrators burden of isolation, the burden of memory, and the speakers melancholy (Repetition and Remembrance in Poe’s Poetry). In stanza 7 when the narrator witnesses the raven fly into the room and perch on the bust of Pallas Athena he is comparing the lost Lenore to Athena by saying they are both wise. In stanza 8 when the narrator asks the raven if he has come from the Nights Plutonian shore he is most likely referring to the passage across the River Styx with Charon the boatman. Poe putting in these biblical and mythological references in The Raven gives allusions to what the narrator is going through when the raven appears

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