Examples Of Daisy In The Great Gatsby

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In chapters four and five the author further characterizes Daisy through her fixations and joy in the extravagancies of men. Jordan and Nick discuss Daisy’s past life and her marriage to Tom. After Daisy’s family rejected Gatsby due to his lack of wealth, she looked elsewhere for an eligible bachelor that her family accepts. Jordan explains the circumstances of the marriage to Nick saying, “‘In June she married Tom Buchanan of Chicago, with more pomp and circumstance than Louisville ever knew before’” (Fitzgerald 50). In this quote Tom possesses “pomp” and “circumstance”, showing that him as an acceptable match to Daisy seeing as though her family and herself require someone with status to qualify as eligible husband. Similarly, Daisy admires Gatsby’s wealth after their five-year reunion deepening her materialistic character. …show more content…

In fact, Gatsby seems to show it all off to impress Daisy and she comments saying, “‘I adore it,’ exclaimed Daisy. ‘The pompadour! You never told me you had a pompadour — or a yacht.’” (Fitzgerald 60). Daisy’s exclamation towards Gatsby’s wealth shows her enthrallment by his riches and “pompadour”. The examples shown in chapters four and five deepen the materialistic character of Daisy and display her joy in the recognition of wealth.
In chapters four and five the author deepened Daisy’s character in her sadness at realizing what she could have had if only she had waited for Gatsby. Nick and Jordan converse about Daisy and Gatsby’s history with one another, and they begin to discuss the night before Daisy marries Tom. Jordan explains to Nick that Daisy had received a letter that night. Although not specified from whom the

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