Examples Of Daisy's Love In The Great Gatsby

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Was it love? In the well written novel, The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald was full with many chaotic and abrupt events. A question many readers may ask is “Was Gatsby really in love with Daisy or was he obsessed?” Throughout, the whole novel Daisy and Gatsby’s love was complicated. With that being said, many readers believed it wasn't love, but Gatsby is having an obsession over Daisy making him seem delusional. In my opinion, I truly believe Gatsby was indeed in love with Daisy. From the beginning to end of the book, his action truly showed that he did everything thing in his power to get his long, lost love back. To begin, Gatsby and Daisy met in Louisville in 1917. Gatsby met the first “nice girl” in his life. Unexpectedly, he met the girl who stole his heart, and who he was devoted to. He instantly feel in love with Daisy and the fact that “ ...many men had already love Daisy-it increase the value in his eyes” ( Fitzgerald 149) She was a wealthy girl and had nothing to do with a poor guy like Gatsby. For this reason, Gatsby lied to …show more content…

After talking with Daisy, Gatsby “… literally glowed; without a or gesture of exultation a new wellbeing gradient from him and filled the room. ” (Fitzgerald 89) This shows how much Daisy meant to him she was the light in him that brought him happiness. After the reunited they continue to see each other. Gatsby even fired all his servant so they won't gossiped about them. They wanted to be together without any gossip since she would go over on a daily. They continue their love like they never stop loving each

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